I have been blessed to be a musician all my life and as a professional musician, I have been equally blessed and excited to recognize the wonder of artistic talents in all their shapes, matters and forms.

As to what inspired me to found the New York Piano Society, I have long been fascinated by great composers like Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin, Balakirev and Cui-all amateurs nourished by the Russian Musical Society. Building on that is my firm belief that the future of classical music is in the hands of performers who have a unique and personal connection to their listeners.

This has guided me to create an organization that discovers and presents numerous high level pianists in concerts, among whom are a doctor, a NYC police officer, an architect, a mathematician, an airline pilot, and a pre-med student.

Since its inception the New York Piano Society has presented more than 100 events, public concerts, and gatherings. Our programs include not only exciting piano adventures, but also inspiring collaborations with distinguished guest artists and young musicians.

Our enthusiastic followers learn about the fascinating life stories of New York Piano Society members. Come and experience the magic of this unique music making!

Elena Leonova